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Teaching the Word

Reaching the World

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About Our Ministries

  Whether we are working with teens, children, families, or our more "seasoned" saints, our goal is to help believers to pursue discipleship, to strive for Christ-likeness and to be more Biblically-grounded.  We recognize that church is not simply about what comes in to our minds during lessons, sermons, and through singing, but also what we do with those truths, and how we minister to others in light of the truths of God's word.  We want our ministries to be opportunities for people to use and  learn about their spiritual gifts, and where people can see God work in tangible and dynamic ways. 

  While Grace Atlanta Bible Church may not have all of the programs and opportunities of bigger churches, we recognize that we can serve God with excellence.  Therefore, we strive to be intentional about our teaching, education and outreach.  We would love to have you join Grace and grow in your ability to serve God and apply the truths of His Word in meaningful and ministry-oriented ways. 

Snapshots of Our Ministries



  One of the distinctives of our church is our exegetical teaching.  While we occasionally cover theological topics, the majority of our teaching on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings is expositional, through books of the Bible.  That way, the text sets the agenda of what topics will be discussed.  We believe that God's Spirit works meaningfully through the teaching and preaching of the Bible and that He uses careful, exegetical study to help believers understand His will for our lives.  We also occasionally hold elective classes where some of our members can lead smaller Bible studies over a variety of Bible passages and theological topics.      

Teen Ministry 

  We are so excited about the great group of teens that God has blessed us with.

  Our teen group is parent-directed rather than many teen groups that separates the youth away from the rest of the congregation.  We love the involvement of our parents; they are invited and encouraged to participate in all of our activities and events.  

  The teens meet during the second hour (the 11:30 service) every other week for a focused Bible study and discussion.  Also, during the school year, we meet on the third Saturday evening of every month for fellowship, food, ministry, and fun! 

  In June 2014, we led out teens on a one week local missions trip where we toured and learned about different faiths (the picture above is of some of our teens at a Mosque in downtown Atlanta).  We recognized from these valuable learning experiences that the Christ is truly the only way of salvation, and that historic Christianity is a superior and effective faith system.  During we also served at a nursing home, with refugee children in Clarkston, and at a local food bank.  

Children's Ministries

  Children are one of the church's most valuable resources.  It is critical that we nurture the faith of future generations of Christian leaders and ministers.  The children join us during our first service on Sunday mornings (the 10:00 service).  During the 11:30 service, we have opportunities for children that include memorable activities, meaningful Bible teaching, and loving and compassionate interaction with adult teachers.


  We believe that we have something really special and unique that many people will enjoy with our more academic and Biblically-oriented approach  Not all believers will resonate with our high attention to exegetical teaching and our traditional format; but we feel that many people are looking for deeper faith than what is offered elsewhere.  Much of our outreach is geared toward believers who want more from their faith, especially those who want deeper Bible study and who like growing in a smaller church where people can get to know one another better.  

  Of course, much of our outreach revolves around our desire to share the gospel with unbelievers who need to hear that God's grace can only be received through faith in Christ; Jesus is the only way, truth, and life.  Thus, we engage in evangelism in local parks and areas, in personal evangelism with friends and relatives, as well as community outreach efforts.  We have sent teams of individuals to minister at a local food bank and to a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta, so that we can share the love and compassion and also the truth of the Gospels with a fallen world that desperately needs that salvation that comes exclusively through Christ.   

Global Impact

  In addition to having an impact on our community, we also want to have an impact on the world!  We are attempting to do that through a variety of ways.  For the last two years we have participated in Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse, that delivers toys, clothes and toiletries to underprivileged children all over the world, and shares the Gospel of Christ and discipleship material with them as well.  We also have a group of missionaries that we pray for regularly, and we hope soon to select one or two missionary families that we can support financially.

Christian Care 

  Christians are not perfect; many have physical difficulties, family struggles, and many carry the worries, frustrations, and heartaches of a fallen world around with them.  As a church, we not only want to be a place where we can equip Christian warriors with God's truth, but also a hospital believers can heal from the numerous hurts of this world with the balm of God's compassion expressed through other believers.