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Welcome to Grace Atlanta Bible Church!

Who We Are

  To love God and know Him more, we must learn what He has revealed to us through His Word, the Bible. Many churches simply do not spend enough time teaching and interacting with God's Word.  

  Grace Atlanta Bible Church features careful expositional Bible teaching of the books of Bible. We also have timely topical studies from Biblical themes and passages.  

  Grace Atlanta Bible Church is a small and loving church that emphasizes the careful teaching of God’s Word. We strive to nurture an environment of compassion, spiritual growth and community involvement.

  Our Bible study hour begins at 9:30 and our worship service begins at 11:00 with a half-hour fellowship break in between these two. You can also look at some of our sermons online.

A Quick Glance . . . 

  • Expositional, exegetical teaching that utilizes information from the original languages to augment your ability to comprehend and apply God's word.

  • A loving fellowship of believers who want to help nurture your growth in grace and Christian discipleship.

  • We have Bible study at 9:30. This is sometimes a series led by our pastor or a set of classes that you can chose from taught by our church leaders. Our main worship service is at 11:00, and we have a half-hour fellowship break from 10:30 to 11:00.

  • We have activities for children during the first hour (at 9:30) and a class for teens that meets every other week during the first hour. 

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We have an archive of previous articles and sermons.  Feel free to search for them here.

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